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5G: Performing at the edge

5G and edge computing unlock a whole raft of new possibilities for telco operators.

Join us virtually in September for a host of insightful discussions about 5G: Performing at the Edge and learn how organisations across the telco spectrum can power the growth of connected economies. 


Edge computing will play a critical part in the digital transformation of every industry sector. Cost is only one factor, but one large American corporation remarked recently that without edge, it would cost $1 million a month to ship data to its central cloud repository as IoT ramps up.
The new capabilities 5G brings such as network slicing, greater speed and reliability, and low latency open up a huge opportunity for network operators.
Edge computing promises operational speed and efficiency, improved customer service and reduced costs. This two-part event investigates the needs of industries from broadcasting to car manufacturing, from gaming to smart cities, and what role edge computing can play to fulfil them.
We also ask operators about the challenges they face deploying services and resources at the edge, in what are for them new infrastructure, operational and business models.
Join us to hear and talk about 5G: Performing at the edge with some world-leading practitioners.